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Sony PlayStation Vita

I modeled the upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system in an attempt to improve my hard-surface modeling skills with an emphasis on speed and accuracy.


  •  After acquiring reference images from the web, modeling time from start to finish is estimated at 5 hours. I hope to improve my speed in the future.
  • Modeled and rendered completely in Blender. I was tempted to use an external renderer like LuxRender or Octane, but I am really impressed with the quality of Blender’s internal render engine, although it takes a lot of tweaking to get the lighting and materials to my satisfaction. All textures were created in the GIMP.



Attic Bedroom Interior

Attic Interior modeled in Blender and rendered with "Cycles"

This is just a quick interior scene that I created to play around with “Cycles”, Blender’s new real-time rendering and shading system. It’s still pretty much in the alpha stage, but nonetheless, a great improvement over the internal renderer which lacks Global Illumination, Caustics, etc.


  • Modeled completely in Blender and rendered with “Cycles”. Render time is around 1hr 30m on an Nvidia GTX 465 (2048 samples).
    Post work (color correction, hotpixel removal, etc.) done in the GIMP.